Payday loans no credit check at your fingertips

Compare all the loans without paperwork in the market to find the one that best suits your needs. Below we will explain all the information about the loans without urgent paperwork of the current market so that you can choose with confidence the one that suits you.

How did the loans arise without urgent paperwork?

Such is the competition that exists in the current financial sector, that entities have to innovate continuously in their offers to differentiate themselves from the rest and thus try to attract as many audiences as possible. The result of this struggle between companies is that now we can find loans without urgent paperwork, with all its advantages.

A few years ago, for the hiring of these credits, we had to sign a large stack of papers, but now times have changed and it does not work that way anymore. In fact, we should just fill out simple forms completely online, in which we will ask for basic personal, work and family information.

These payday loans no credit check are urgent because we can get to receive them in less than 15 minutes, thanks in part to the new technologies that you may get them on the internet – online source. Through intelligent algorithms, they will let us know if our request is accepted or denied since these preprogrammed tools analyze the variables that we provide in the forms to analyze our profile as clients.

The speed of urgent loans

In general, the more money we request, we will take a longer amount of time to receive it, since the procedures will be extended. And it is a very basic question that we can consider when comparing credits to consumption: how long do loans take without urgent paperwork?

  • Mini-loans for small amounts: if we are really in urgent financial trouble, we can go to the minipréstamos companies, which can get us up to 1,200 euros. From the moment the request is correctly sent, we will only have to wait 15 minutes to receive the transfer in our account in case it is accepted.
  • Quick loans for higher amounts: for larger amounts, it will be somewhat more complicated to find a company that works with a speed similar to that of microcredits. However, if we compare efficiently, we can find some and take advantage of their advantages if we have the relevant documentation in order. With these, we can receive up to 3,000 euros in less than an hour.
  • Personal loans to finance projects: in case we want to finance some type of project that needs several tens of thousands of euros, we will have to resort to personally guarantee loans par excellence. With them, the transfer speed will vary greatly depending on the company (from two days to several weeks), so more than ever will be an aspect to ask.

The higher the amount we want, the more we must wait to be able to spend the loan money, as this will take longer to reach us. But the reason is not that, being a larger amount, the management of the transfer work more slowly, but that the procedures for concession will be considerably lengthened.

The 5 steps to hiring personal loans

Loans without rapid peoples can be a very useful and much simpler product than they seem. Mini-loans can help us get out of complicated situations in which the lack of liquidity is an important handicap. Being so fleeting, they have a special hiring process, with up to five very different steps:

  1. Compare We will have to carry out a comparison task to choose the market offer that best suits our needs. Although it is a very basic product, each company has its own conditions and we must look at them before venturing to make a hasty decision.
  2. Complete Fill in the form as follows. Within the web of the company that we have chosen, we must give our basic information, such as name, age, ID, employment status, etc.
  3. Send Afterwards, the lender will ask us for a series of documentation to know who he is dealing with, in addition to making sure that we receive regular payments. To begin, we must send you our scanned identity document and a bank statement.
  4. Wait Now we just have to wait for them to notify us if they grant us our loan or not. Thanks to the automated algorithms that we have commented, they should not take more than a few minutes.
  5. To stamp. Signing the contract and receiving the mini-loan will be the last step in case our application is admitted. After a small confirmation procedure via SMS, e-mail or mobile phone, we will notify you that our loan has been accepted and proceed to make the transfer.

All these steps can be done in real minutes since we will get an immediate response from the entity, thanks to the automated algorithms that mini-credit companies have. However, before we even begin the application process, we must be sure that we can return the amount plus the corresponding interest within the chosen terms.

Tricks to expedite the urgent loans

There are a number of factors with which we can expedite the procedures that require loans without urgent paperwork. Most are related to taking advantage of technology, so it is an aspect that we should never underestimate when requesting financing of any kind:

  • Having the documentation that you will ask us prepared in advance is the first trick. A double-sided photocopy of our ID or NIE is one of the papers that all lenders will ask us for. Therefore, it is important to check that it is not expired and make the copy before starting the application.
  • Another very undervalued measure is to ensure that our bank matches that of the lender. The reason? Everyone knows that transfers take up to two business days if they are between different banks. And the transfers of the loans work in the same way, so if we really need the money urgently, it will be important to ask the company from which banks they can make the transfer.
  • The last aspect that we can control as clients provided that the transfer is made quickly is to be regular customers of the same lender. If we have several successful minicréditos with a particular entity, the procedures can be done at a higher speed, because the company will know us and will take much less to manage our request.

How are the algorithms of the loans without paperwork?

The vast majority of urgent loan companies use automated algorithms to quickly assess the economic profile of applicants. The use of these tools represents an advance in the agility of financial products, especially in the case of mini credits. On the one hand, because they cause us as clients not to have to move to a physical office to carry out the consultations and procedures to request credits.

On the other hand, because they have managed to leave behind the annoying paperwork that had to be filled out in the past, replaced by a short online form in which we must give our basic information. Later we must show that we have a regular income and that we do not have outstanding debts, but always 100% online.

Requirements to apply for loans without urgent paperwork

The great majority of lenders that offer this type of financing agree on the requirements that customers must meet. In order to expedite the process, it is usual to ensure that they are only the most necessary for this type of process, although there are always exceptions. Here we quote the aspects that we must meet to obtain these credits for consumption:

  • Be of legal age: each company establishes a minimum age to grant loans, which usually rotates between 18 and 25 years.
  • Reside in Spain: it will be essential that we live permanently in Spanish territory.
  • Not being registered with ASNEF: most of the companies will put obstacles on us if our name consists of files of defaulters.
  • Have enough income: finally, they will demand that we have a series of regular, sufficient and demonstrable income with which we can cope with the debt.

If we comply with these requirements, we will not have any problem to request urgent loans, so we will only have the task of comparing the numerous offers of the market to find the one that best suits our needs.